Social Networking Sites for Mums

Best Social Networking Sites for Mums

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the top social networking sites just about everyone uses; however, if you’re a mum, they may not be exactly what you’re looking for. Mums like to connect with other mums to share parenting ideas, struggles, triumphs, worries, failures and success stories. You want a place you can connect with other parents, who are on the same page as you. Often, the top social networking sites just don’t make the cut because they aren’t limited to just mothers or parents. But, did you know there are social networking sites designed just for that? Here are the best social networking sites for mums.

The most active online communities for mothers is Cafemom. Cafemom allows you to create profiles, join groups, and post and answer questions. Overall, it’s just a fun way to connect with mothers. This site is a great place to find encouragement from other mothers, as well as easily connect with mothers who have similar interests, children’s ages, location and much more. is a small social network, but it is a great place to connect with other local mothers. Right now, there are only about 60 locations, but it’s still an easy way to find mothers near you by entering your zip code. As with Cafemom, you can add friends and join groups. But, there’s also a coupon section for local stores.

BabyCenter Community is another great social networking site for mothers. It offers the “birth club,” where you enter the birth date of your children to connect with mothers who have children the same age. Plus, it gives you news and information about the age groups of your children for parenting tips, advice, and more.

MothersClick has grown tremendously over the last few years as it’s similar to Facebook, allowing you to create profiles, connect with friends, share photos and messages, and has status settings. You can join groups to participate in parenting discussions. Although the site isn’t extremely active, it’s a nice site for moms nonetheless.

Mums need a place they can connect with each other to make friends, seek advice and simply know they aren’t alone on their parenting journey. The best social networking sites for mums allow mothers to do just that. Stay in the loop and get connected today by joining the best social networking platforms for mums!